Weekly Inspiration

We hate to say it, but we're definitely working for the weekend this week. To keep us motivated, we set up a few fun appointments through this week and are inspired by the five things below. Xx. 


watermelon. frose. what. 

is there any part of this that doesn't sound delicious? we don't think so.

serious hair feels

summer 'do, summer travel, placing her best foot forward, Em is having her hair done this week, and this look is serious inspiration. all about that lived in look.

broccolini with grilled lemon, pine nuts, & aleppo chile

a recipe we can bulk prep and eat throughout the week with no complaints? that's a yes from us.


what to do with a headache

working hard? don't get sidelined by a headache and overthink it into oblivion. these are stellar tips. 


these pool floats

these summertime essentials are a must for this weekend at the beach or pool -- they're fun, not as expensive as you might think, and did we mention fun?

Weekly Inspiration

June kicks off a month of serious traveling and adventure for our team. Needless to say, we're inspired by all things exploration. Happy Monday! Xx. 


these travel guides

Emily's travels kick off with a weekend getaway to Savannah. these 24 hour guides from Design Sponge inspire quick trips and indulgent adventures.


this weekender

sometimes the hardest trips to pack for are those quick weekends away - especially when all you have is a large suitcase. this bag is large enough for all the necessities but small enough you won't appear high maintenance for bringing so much.


best tasting tomato juice

a scientific breakdown of why tomato juice tastes better during the flight - sounds like we know what we're ordering in a couple weeks.

these beach essentials

lounging by the pool or beach is inevitable this summer, so these affordable and gorgeous options ensure you'll be comfortable and stylish. 


travel journaling

sometimes it's easy to forget the excitement of the day, week, or weekend when you're exploring or have a packed schedule, so a travel journal is just the thing. a pair & a spare wrote some ideas for travel journaling in such a lovely way, we might just have to make one ourselves.

Weekly Inspiration

This week is all about the hustle, so we're inspired by office spaces, simple outfits, and yummy lunches. Here are five things to kick your short work week off right! Xx. 

all in the details

the light pink walls, touches of gold, and large windows make this small space feel so large and inviting while also sparking creativity and dedication.


this look

perfect for more conservative offices, this look is professional and still stylish, showing you can still have a little flair in a strictly professional dress code

mimosas with a twist

this week is a doozy, so might as well have something bubbly and delicious to look forward to this weekend! these blood orange, grapefruit mimosas are everything -- this totally counts as a serving of fruit, right?

power-packed lunches

we'll be needing lots of power snacks and protein-packed lunches to make it through this week, and this sandwich is giving us major cravings right now.

sail-me-away .jpg

daydream & DIY

we're doing so much traveling in june, we might as well start dreaming and getting all of our essentials together - this hat is the perfect way to show personality and stay protected from the sun