Grateful I'm Not a Nutella Jar || 4.6.15

Not a Nutella Jar
Not a Nutella Jar

I am definitely not a nutella jar in the sense that I cannot please, inspire, encourage, befriend, fill-in-the-blank everyone. What I can do is please, inspire, encourage, and befriend myself and hope that with my light shining as bright as I can dream, others find comfort and ease with allowing themselves to shine as well. It doesn't have to be big and huge, it just has to be authentic and genuine. I'm okay if those that don't appreciate my shine need to distance themselves. And when they want to dance beside me and shout to the moonlight, I'll still be walking in my truth and here for them to stand beside.

I'm so grateful to have all that I have, even when I tell myself it isn't enough. I'm grateful for encouragement to do whatever I desire. I am grateful for the opportunities to accomplish whatever I set my mind to achieve. I'm grateful for dreaming that I can be of service to others when they need that helping hand. Oh my, I'm just so incredibly, magnificently grateful. Have a great Monday, loves. Stay true to who you are always. Xx.

p.s. the c o u n t d o w n begins to an excitingly new adventure -- on the blog and in life starting Thursday ... get ready

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