Fresh Monday Appeal || 5.18.15


Happy Monday / Tuesday (or whatever day you're reading this! )

"Do one thing everyday that scares you" - Eleanor Roosevelt

When you think of being scared, what emotions or feelings are called upon? Is it fear, nervousness, and anxiety, or empowering butterflies, strength, and determination? We live in a culture that capitalizes on marketing fear and being scared -- in the movies, amusement parks, stories. But there is a realm of being scared that can transcend our body to it's best possible place, and this form comes with a strong desire of the heart to say yes even if the mind is negatively pushing back and saying no. When I think of this quote above, I think of the many ways that we suppress this 'scare', denying ourselves pleasures unless they come with the word 'guity' attached, ignoring the hopes and dreams we have yet to fulfill, or not listening to our gut about the right next move. I want to challenge this self made barrier and find the things that bring me moments of bubbles in my belly and stifled giggles, because life is meant to be as awesome and amazing as you can make it. But only you can make it imperfectly perfect for yourself. It comes with finding the things that scare you, and actually doing them. Every day. Let's not hold ourselves back. Embrace the scary. Turn them into your story and propel yourself forward into the world you have created. Xx.

+ What is one thing that scares you the most? Comment below or on facebook!

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