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Here are my eight pieces of advice for true, healthy love (the most important kind)! The ninth was a great video -- find it on my instagram (@yourfriend_em) or facebook (/emkfriend). Share your favorites to social media by right clicking or pressing-and-holding to save these images to your computer/phone. Xx.

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Be Happy & Healthy on the Big Day | Bridal Coaching by Emily Feature

Did all of you see my (Emily from Bridal Coaching by Emily, here!) inspired bridal tips for the happiest and healthiest wedding of your dreams? Being a holistic health coach for brides is a wonderful adventure for me. I love to connect with brides to help them find a glowing confidence and ease on their wedding day, feeling bliss in their relationships, hope for their future, and love for their bodies walking down the aisle all the way to bouncing their booty on the dance floor during the reception. Read on to find my 10 tips for being happy and healthy on your big day. If you're not a bride, don't worry! Ask mehow we can broaden these to fit your current lifestyle - man or woman!

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Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes + Weekly Finds || 5.15.15

 || Catch Up or Ketchup? ||

Changes. It's all about the change and how you handle the shifts and slides of life. Will you let something that pulls you off track ruin you, or will you look at it and say hey, what's up? you wanna challenge me? alright, I'm game. It can be easy to get caught up in the day to day expectations and realities, but one day, you'll wake up and realize that living the same day for 75 years does not a life make, and growing and evolving might just be the best plan.

I've changed A Beautiful Recovery to Powered by Greens for many reasons. I started this blog as a space to heal -- there are longer pieces hidden way way way in the archives that speak of feminism, of depression, and of personal day to day life. But then this blog became a space I wanted to speak my truth and share the knowledge I was gaining -- posts about nutrition, yoga, and wellness started to pop up. There were still posts about life and the feelings that accompany humanity, but I didn't want to feel like my whole life was just a path along recovery. I wanted to feel alive, to be empowered and powerful in all of the aspects of my life. And I wanted my journey and my evolution to be a starting point for conversation, for the expansion of knowledge, and for the empowering of others. So here we are, carving out a new space for the celebration of life, and I'm telling you guys, it's all goooood.

I'll unveil the subtle shifts and changes over the next few weeks, but for now, know that I'm not going anywhere. It took me a while to find my voice again, but I am ready for a change. And I am ready to help you change, too, if you're willing. We got this (insert fist emoji)!


What changes have you made lately? Are you ready for the weekend? Let me know in the comments below, on twitter, or on facebook!


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Explore, love, hope, and be yourself. Always.


Want to feel like a million bucks with high energy, self-love, and freedom from fad-diets? Let’s work together.

a guy who was never mine ...

Hi guys -- I wanted to let you know I'm a little heartbroken and won't be writing content until Monday. I have the next post for the Embrace Yourself Series, and I was going to post it sans edits, but that's silly; you all deserve the best best best! I haven't forgotten about you, I've just got the major feels right now. Hope your weekend is going super magically fantastic. Xx.

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More || Embrace Yourself Series Pt. II

This is part of the Embrace Yourself Series. It's all about leaving the notion of fitting into boxes behind and instead, finding the space within to respect and value who we are in this very moment. See the first post and first steps from last week here.

Sometimes, life wants you to be an image. But life is messy and glorious and anything but a picture perfect snapshot. How are you more?

I am more than my belly. I am more than the thoughts of others in regards to the female ideal. I am more than the ideal pick-up, the catcalls, or the careless compliments that verge on inappropriate. I am more than advertisements telling me I must lose more weight or grow more inches or eat this something or other. I am more than blue eyes and blonde hair. I am more than the clothes I do or do not wear. I am more than the size of my chest, the stretch of my jeans, more than the way I fill out my sweaters, more than the height of my heels or the tightness of my pants. Without a doubt, I am more than what is seen.

I am thoughts that take flight into action. I am a sweet dessert filled with the most wholesome and glorious ingredients. I am bare feet sinking into the sand with the waves crashing down. I am heart shaped confetti falling from a midnight sky. Giggles that turn into kisses and smiles that turn into the longest hugs, I am love incarnate. I am not defined by my size, by the thoughts of others, or by the events that happen in the past. I am even more than these little thoughts, but sometimes more can be too much and acknowledgement is just enough.

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Want to feel like a million bucks with high energy, self-love, and freedom from fad-diets? Let’s work together.