No Such Thing as Too Much Netflix || 12.12.14

 || WEEKEND ||

Finishing up exams, packing up my things, and heading home for a month has been crazy, busy, and exciting. I'm glad to be back, surprised at how much I needed to slow down and collapse on the couch. I feel like everyday is a new adventure that is filled with possibility and opportunity. I know I am doing all that I can and I will be rewarded as I move forward -- keeping this perspective is the challenge, of course.

This weekend, I'm looking forward to catching up on work, maybe doing some Christmas shopping and dinner party planning. I love the holidays!!! What cookies shall I bake this year? So much possibility!! Tonight, Mom and I are putting up the tree, playing with the doggies, and probably laughing too much. I hope all of you find joy today, tonight, through the weekend, and for the rest of your lives. You deserve it.

How are you spending the weekend? Do you have any fun, holiday plans yet?


An exhibit of luscious green hills... inside? Yep! And it's spectacular. 

Science has spoken -- in about three months that breakup won't be hurting so much.

This is why you really want to bite at the cuteness of that puppy or baby.

I love looking at beautiful renovations... look at this first-time-renovators' creation!

Supersonic travel?

The decadent recipe of the week -- I'll be playing around with this (vegan, of course).

How to email a busy person. Very applicable to my life, so I figured yours as well!  

I think I'm making these muffins tonight for dinner with some mushroom and onion soup. Boy, do I love being home and able to cook again.

Have a happy and cheerful holiday weeekend. Explore, love, hope, and be yourself. Always.