Who Pays on a First Date?

Awkward moment avoided. 

Note from the Editor: This is a new series called Weekly Niceties. It's bits of etiquette, finer details, and an emphasis on infusing class into the 21st century in a non-stodgy way.Cheers! Xx. 

This is a sticky situation for two reasons. One, it brings up the topic of money and the questions that come with having money (or not having it), and two, it requires a little initiative and willingness to be momentarily uncomfortable. Both of these already have me cringing, but after our last Weekly Niceties post about Dating Basics, you know I've had my fair share of first date dinner bills, so I'm here to offer up some advice. 

First, breathe. It is a minute out of a probably excellent date where you have to handle something very adult. You can do it. Just take a deep breath.

And then follow this super simple tip:

Regardless of your expectation of who pays, lead with the line, "shall we split the bill?". I would say 95% of the time, your date will decline your offer, but for that five percent, you no longer look like you're just there for free food and drinks (which hopefully you are not). You could also offer to pay it in it's entirety, but asking to split is an excellent compromise if you do not have the means or the desire to cover the bill. Personally, I always make sure to have enough money in my bank account to pay the whole night in case of extenuating circumstances, bad dates, or just to be on the safe side.

+ All advice aside, do you normally pay or split on a first date?

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