Weekend Vibes -- The Tunes and a Free Wallpaper!

Happy Weekend!

There is something to be said for having a couple days of the week that are socially appropriate for sleeping in late, baking at obscene hours of the night, and dressing up (or down) for some fun jaunts around town. And sometimes you just need to take those couple of days to break. There's no shame in listening to that and knowing when to unwind. The busyness and chaos will always be there, so prioritize finding Great Vibes first rather than later and love now rather than never.

I have two surprises for you ... well, probably one since The Tunes is an old fave. But I made you a computer wallpaper(!!!)! I'm super psyched about this one. Your screen can rock the image at the top of this post by either clicking on it directly & saving it to a folder of your choice, or clicking right here. Woot woot! Even computers can have all the Great Vibes.

Enjoy The Tunes & try not to drool over The Wallpaper ... Happy Weekend! Xx.


What your wallpaper would look like! Click here ...

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August Vibes | the Recap

|| Last Weekend Home. Party. Just Kidding. Pack. ||

Has it really been almost three and a half months since I was last at school? Wooooooowwww. So much has changed in my life from the beginning of May. New changes are underfoot, and I can't wait to share them with you -- like the new site that is about to launch(!). You'll notice how blog posts have gotten more particular in regards to living a stress-free, confident life. Anything you want to learn more about? Send me an email or comment below/on facebook! Let life be an adventure! Here's to good vibes, no stress, and pure and total happiness. Xx.

+ What are you up to this weekend?

did you catch the latest recipe?

Explore, love, hope, and be yourself. Always. Have a great weekend! xx

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Weekend Vibes: the Recap

what you might have missed ...


|| Cue Forward Fold. ||

Cheers to new things, great vibes, & finally letting go.

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Explore, love, hope, and be yourself. Always. Have a great weekend! xx

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Try Not to Freak Out. Just Read the Finds. ||4.19.15

 || 2.5 Weeks to Go ... I'm sorry, WHAT?! ||

The weather is warming, the rain falling from the sky beckoning May flowers, and the time is short until I'll be packing my room and heading back to Wilmington for the next four months. Amazing how quickly time passes when you're growing older. Please slow down but speed up to the parts where I'm not quite so stressed, please. Is stress a state of mind? That's a thought for another week, but a thought I have often -- almost enough to cause more stress. Lawwwdddd. Let me go bury myself back under the covers while I figure out how to take back my life.

Coming up this week is a continuation of the Embrace Yourself Series. I'll be bringing up thoughts on being dependent, independent, and understanding what you want from someone in your relationship (whether it's within your family, in regards to being sexually intimate (gasp, I'm going there), or being romantically involved). Did you catch last weeks Spring Produce video? Also, catch the Embrace Yourself Series Pt. I and Pt. II. Xx.

What are you up to this weekend? Are you watching hockey? Who's your team?


I'm going to start doing this Plank Challenge on Monday ;). 

This warm salad looks yummy.

Vintage Wedding Photos that make me so excited to have my own (in ten years).

LOL. Yes. They woke up like this.

In a Madrid gallery, blind visitors can touch the artwork. Beautiful.

Buy experiences, not things.

Cheers to Bloody Mary's!

My summer hairstyle?

My future toilet paper roll holders just got a thousand times better.

How great is your eyesight? Yes this two minute video is worth it.

Explore, love, hope, and be yourself. Always.


Want to feel like a million bucks with high energy, self-love, and freedom from fad-diets? Let’s work together.

Already Dishing Out the Ice Cream || 3.23.15

|| Monday Funday Can't Wait Till Sunday ||

Welp. Already a quiz and an exam down, two more huge assignments to go, and then the week will calm itself considerably. I'm dreaming too large right now -- having trouble keeping my feet firmly planted in the ground, ya know? So much to take in and absorb yet not enough of a sponge to hold onto it all tightly. Hoping it'll all stick eventually. This week is the week of catching up, success, tranquility, and coexistence with my mind and soul. YESSSSSS.

I'm starting a cleanse this week; a purge of negative thoughts, an invitation for fueling recipes, and a call for this panicked heart break feeling to leave. If you're interested in finding your true self with acceptance, eating to feel like a million bucks every day, and ridding yourself of the confusion around fad diets, consider working with me. It all starts with a f r e e consultation. Woohoo! I'm so grateful for this life I live.

Hope the rest of your Monday is amazing. Keep dreaming and stay rested. ; ). xx.

How was your weekend? Anything exciting happen? What are you looking forward to this week? What are you grateful for?