Carrying Books

Happy Weekend! My News!

It was so beautiful out the last few days and then today, so so so cold. Oh Mother Nature.

I’ve signed up for a 10k in Raleigh in June, so I’m psyched to start running again tomorrow. I am using the same training schedule that I used for the half marathon I ran in August, which was awesome, so I look forward to the wonderfully paced schedule already beautifully laid out for me. By May 10th, I will be able to run a 10k easily and comfortably which is so important for me, and then I thought I would just keep up with that distance and work on my time throughout the summer! I am so stoked. Coupled with my yoga practice, I’m looking forward to my stress free summer days.

These next three weeks are incredibly packed for me. What about you?  I have two papers this week, a paper due the following week, and after that, a presentation and another exam on the same day. But luckily, I’ll be home free after that: nothing until finals after that except a statistics project and a presentation! Woohoo. I’m actually looking forward to my finals! Isn’t that crazy. Of course in partial because that once they are done it will be summer, but moreover, I really understand what I am doing in class, so I’m hoping the exam reflects all that I have learned. I have summer and better days on my brain, and I cannot wait to get there. Right now I’m also working on job hunting so cross your fingers and toes for me…



This is my favorite yoga pose currently, and I’ve been doing at least once every day.

Isn’t this an interesting bra top? I’m loving the back.

Why doesn’t anyone like having parties anymore?

Oh my gosh, THIS is my new favorite website, and I admittedly bought the app.

Another best that I’ve already used for about five articles.

And finally, I just finished Brooklyn Girls and am thoroughly in love with Gemma Burgess’ style. Thank you for being a writer that recognizes the struggle of a young woman’s true heart.

That’s it lovelies!

I’m off to dinner and then some well needed sleep. What are your plans?


[image.. which is the absolute truth of my life]