Gratitude Mondays ~ 3.31.14


A Little Mix of Both

It’s finally the last Monday of March! I never thought I would see the day. It seems as if March takes its sweet time coming to a close, teasing us with warm days, and then breaking us with the cold weather; a test of our spring resilience, no doubt. I’m counting down the days to the end of the semester, 38 to go including weekends. That’s something to celebrate. I cannot believe I’ve almost finished my first year as a college student. Scary thought. But I can touch more on that when school is actually over. Meanwhile, I’ll just be cramming and scrambling around to get those final grades in tip top shape. I do apologize for posting less frequently: I’ve been making new friends, exploring Winston-Salem, doing yoga repeatedly, and trying to get out of my lonely space and into one of greater compassion, love, and hospitality. Also, I’ve been doing so much work for school on the computer that looking at the screen for another hour to type these blog posts just seems exhausting. But I’m determined to show you some links and remind you to be grateful against all odds. Have a happy happy week!


Some Links for You:

A bold and mysterious interview with January Jones

These are tips for New York, but applicable everywhere.

Make your time more useful and lovely.

A wonderful feminist who just knows what it’s all about. Great.


And a Little Gratitude Too:

I am grateful to whoever reads this blog.

I am grateful for friends who love to be spontaneous.

I am grateful for one exam down and one paper, two presentations, and one exam to go before my yoga teacher training.

I am grateful for having the peace of my single room.

I am grateful for yoga props and straps that deepen my practice and therefore my meditation.

I am grateful for the purple streaks in my hair and my new piercing that remind me to be young and spontaneous and not bothered by the harsh and oppressive world that could be.

I am grateful for lunches and dinners with my friends, as I often miss them too much when we are not together.

I am grateful for a week fully in the 70’s and not dipping down to disastrous temperatures again.

I am grateful for picture books and writing my hopes and dreams and worries away.

I am grateful for the love in my heart that I hope shines as brightly as I wish it to.

I am grateful for comments that make you think and questions that make you wonder.

I am grateful for dreams and wishes that shine above all torment and exhaustion.

But mostly I am grateful for my time here, as the daffodils bloom, and the forsythia turns a bright, sunny yellow; time on earth is short, but I plan on making it the longest party and adventure that I can.