Holiday Gift Guide :: for the dogs who grin when they're excited, wag their tails just to make you smile, and always sigh extra loud when they don't get a walk


There were times she totally deserved the real thing.
Give her something to chew instead.


Treat your puppy to a soft place to lie down.
They've got to have fanny fatigue sometimes, too! (here's a cheaper option!)


Does there really have to be a good reason for more chew toys?
Rubber & rope ... classic.


Sign your pup up for BarkBox, a monthly delivery of treats & toys.


Give her the gift of no neck pain.
Sometimes, just looking at all that bending is exhausting.


Homemade gifts aren't just for Mom anymore. Your furry babes will love it, too!
Here's an easy recipe to kick off your new baking obsession.


Hands down the best animal gift ever.
Don't tell Dell or Amore, but they're definitely getting one.


A toy that flashes on every bounce.
Perfect because even if the sun sets earlier, playtime must go on!

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