Holiday Gift Guide :: for your dad who says words like hipster and coolio, rocks suede saddle shoes, and changed your new car's flat tire even though it was past midnight


New York City guides, because even though he lives in Florida right now, he loves the big city.


Because even though he thinks time is arbitrary, the rest of the world doesn't, so this way he knows the exact actual time. The G-Shock watch adjusts constantly via signals from the atomic transmitter.


A donation in his name to World Bicycle Relief, which provides simple, sustainable bikes for people in the developing world, using the power of bicycles to change lives and communities.


Because you used to bond over this moldy cheese and
he could use some fancy seasonings in his life.


A grippy pad for the car that holds his phone in place for tunes and GPS without extra setup.


A bike horn with over 20 different sound effects,
because he'd actually use it, and he talks about his bike like it's his bff.


To keep on with the bike theme, this bike light hooks to a spoke and makes an awesome blurred red light, perfect for nighttime rides if he doesn't get out before sundown.

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