Holiday Gift Guide :: for your beautiful mother who comes to you for fashion advice, has egg sandwiches almost everyday, and always makes time for mom hugs


A personalized calendar with family photos, original creations, or beautiful quotes. 
I love this calendar from Pinhole Press.


A massage certificate or evening of tranquility -
think: essential oils, special tea, a few candles, & a new book.

Pre-order a new romance novel (the season of giving)from one of her favorite authors
which you'll inevitably read because you're just as addicted.


The softest slippers she's been wanting for the last five years.
Perfect for pairing with that cardigan and a hot cup of coffee.


A weekend trip to explore with an overnight stay in a beautiful bed & breakfast.
This one reminds me of The Dragonfly Inn in Gilmore Girls.


Grab a few nostalgic favorites for stocking stuffers or group them together in a pretty basket.


These gorgeous Wooden Sandwich Boards.
Because she's notorious for eating off the cutting board.


A portable bonfire log for when the nights are chilly but beautiful.
This one only needs a match!

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