Pause & Take a Breath || Yoga Wednesday | 3.18.15

|| Breathe Deeply & Let it All Go ||

- Find yourself a comfortable, safe space to sit.

- You can either sit cross-legged or lie down with your back flat on the floor or mat.

- I invite you to close your eyes.

- Take a few deep breaths, drawing awareness to your breath and allowing it to flow deeply and calmly.

- Draw your hands to your belly and take a few deep breaths here. Breathe into your lower belly, in deep, full breaths. Cultivate stillness within your limbs. Accept any thoughts coming your way. Bring them with you into your space and allow yourself to move to a calm and safe space in mind and body.

- Next, draw your hands to your ribs. Breathe expansive energy into this area of your core. Feel your intercostal muscles expand and contract, equally and openly.

- Now, place your palms over your heart, perhaps your right over your left. Move them in clockwise circles, opening up your heart chakra to receiving the good energy and vibrations. Notice how this may light up your heart and fires up your inspiration. Acknowledge the emotions and thoughts asociated with this opening of your soul. Your breath may be more shallow here. Notice and accept without judgment.

- Now keep your left hand on your heart while your right hand drops to your lower belly. Breathe deep, full breaths, starting at your chest, moving to your ribs, and landing in your lower belly. Exhale out of your lower belly, out through your ribs, and finally releasing from your chest. This breath will feel like a wave. Repeat about three more times or for as long as you’d like.

- Notice how this calms you. Notice how you draw in and adjust your mind to move with your soul’s breath. Allow this ease to be a part of your life. To move back into the everyday energy around you, draw awareness back to your breath – perhaps it deepens now—and slowly blink your eyes back to present.

- Enjoy breaths of fresh air ;)

+ how was that for you? did you try it? what was holding you back if you didn't?

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