How-To: Getting Back to Normal Life after a Holiday

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Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

We've all been there. Countdown to the three day weekend starts four weeks out; work pick up, but there is the freedom of that extra day coming. And then before you know it, those days fly by, and you're back at work feeling like you'll never make it through the week. Maybe leading up to the holiday you were eating a certain way or exercising a certain way that made you feel really good, but now that there is no encouraging promise of adventure, that routine slips to a passing thought. All the things that gave you such a buzz are now mellowed out by the post-high of the holiday. It's the same across the board: vacations, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, the winter holidays, etc; we all get the happy glow of it's coming and the sadness of it's passing. So how can you keep that happy bubble fixed in place despite the lack of impending holiday? I've (Emily, here) got you covered with some tips & tricks.

1. Make Good Use of your Photos

We're all about those snapchats, and we live to document our lives with little shots and short video clips. Look at them again. It'll give you a fun thing to reminisce over and look forward to the next time when you can make s'mores, hang out with the people you really like, and partayyyy.

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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

2. Breathe and Allow Yourself Time to Adjust

A lot of the time, we've spent the entire weekend going going going. It's easy to let that bleed into the week where you're sleeping right up until you have to leave, rushing around, and finding yourself at work where you aren't even productive, because you didn't allow yourself a moment to reset. Take that time. Wake up a little earlier, sit down with your coffee (or green tea or lemon water), and breathe. Reflect on the awesomeness of your past weekend or week. What did you like about it? What would you like to do again? What would you have done differently? Then slowly switch to the coming week and what it is bringing. What do you have to accomplish? What scares you to tackle? What are you excited to work on? Prepare yourself, before you leave for work, about what's coming up for you in the next five or so days.

3. Make Time for 'Little Holidays'

Just like you schedule a meeting or an appointment, schedule time with or for yourself. Put in time for a yoga or boot-camp class you've been wanting to take, or carve out space in your day to make that meal you keep pinning in on Pinterest. Little 'holidays' are great ways to have that anticipating thrill and reward. Schedule a date night. Make yourself a priority. When you take care of yourself doing the things that excite you and make you whole, you work better and are a better person to your coworkers, peers, and partner. I just started dedicating Sundays to self-care. I coined them a surprising, "Self-Care Sundays". Original, I know. It's nice to have that day where I do an exfoliating scrub, touch up my eyebrows, make yummy food, paint my nails if necessary, and read an awesome book that makes me smile. The more I do this, the more I look forward to this new, little ritual. That keeps me excited and pumped throughout the week [for the most part ;) ].

4. R & R: long weekends = lot's of plans = little sleep

Most likely, you are absolutely exhausted after that long weekend. Between parties, preparation, going out, being around others, and so on and so forth, the sleepy levels increase. And if you are riding that high through Sunday night and falling asleep late only to be mad at the beeping of your alarm come Monday morning, you might want to schedule more rest. No, not more hours logged in front of Netflix, but head on the pillow, deep into REM, rest. Being refreshed for your next day and having the energy to tackle the post holiday work load will be worth that unwatched episode season of Orange is the New Black.

5. Start Small

Once you're in work, start in on those tasks that you know you can accomplish quickly. Get them crossed of your list, and notice how you can be productive and successful even with the small things. When you feel more energized to tackle the bigger projects, start moving towards those. While you're at it, break up those huge projects into easy to digest and accomplish little steps. Productivity sky rockets, expectations are actualized, and stress levels will drop. Side note: if you don't write your tasks down, start now. Having something to look at (or scroll through) with everything you need to accomplish will keep your mind from breaking down and will allow you to visually see how much you have gotten done and what is realistic for you during the day.

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6. Up & Out

Little breaks away will keep you refreshed. Trust me. The reason work gets stagnant is thanks to trying to constantly be 'on' in our office. Our ability to work energetically and productively dwindles the more time we go on over a project without a few breaths away. Those ten minute walks around the office (or outside if you can) or lunch away from your desk can allow your mind to recharge, your creativity to spark all over again, and keep your production levels in tip top shape. If you find yourself working 2-3 hours straight and don't ever come up for air, consider setting an alarm every 50 minutes and stretching or moving around for the last ten minutes of the hour. 

7. Accountability Partner's for the Win

Sometimes, free will and dedication alone just doesn't cut it. That's when I like to reach out to my accountability partner. I check in with her in the beginning of the day, letting her know what I need to accomplish throughout the day and what I hope to have finished the next time we check in. Knowing there is someone else who has a list of that day's goals (or that week's project) makes me work harder and not slack off. Find someone who doesn't push your buttons or make you irritated, but at the same time encourages you to accomplish everything you've set your sights on. I know that if I need a little cheering on and motivation, I can get it, but I also know that if I fall behind, she'll remind me to stay realistic in my daily abilities.

Getting back into the groove after an awesome weekend doesn't have to be hard. If you're having trouble, just come back to these tried and true tips & tricks. Try one, or try a couple at a time, and see what works.

1. Make Good Use of your Photos 2. Breathe and Allow Yourself Time to Adjust 3. Make Time for Little Holidays 6. R & R: long weekends = lot's of plans = little sleep 8. Start Small 5. Up & Out 9. Accountability Partner's for the Win

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