Book Club :: Elizabeth Gilbert's, Big Magic

Woot woot it's 2016!!! Can you believe it? I'm overwhelmed by the immensity the next 12 months represent. There is so much possibility and excitement, but also, for me at least, worry and doubt. True to fashion, I've set some intentions to nix those pesky negatives - which I'm writing all about tomorrow - and one of them is to be a total bad*** with no fear. Until that resolution actually kicks in, though, I thought we'd order our next book for book club, bundle under the covers during these cold months, and chat big dreams and grand thoughts in our cozy, virtual community. 

So snag a copy of Elizabeth Gilbert's, Big Magic, below and read Part I & Part II for January 22nd!

Let's get started on our best year yet, shall we? See you tomorrow for badass resolution making! Xx.

+ I'm curious. What do you think about book club? What would you like more of? Less of?

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