Book Club :: Mindy Kaling's, Why Not Me? Part Four - All the Opinions You Will Ever Need

Today we're delving into the final section of Mindy Kaling's second novel, Why Not Me? This part is all of her opinions on life, advice, and worries. As in previous parts, I really identified with her honesty and how she doesn't hold back when answering questions. I appreciate that kind of refreshing energy.

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Question Time

Unlikely Leading Lady::

+ I like how Kaling says, "Wait, I don't want to be real." In my opinion, that term has lost its authenticity and can almost be said in a negative way. What do you think?

+ I laughed at her depiction of what's usually on her mind. Mine would include: Jennifer Lawrence, Where's My Wine?, How Many People Visited the Blog?, and My Dog is So Cute. What would yours look like?

+Just to serve as an important reminder. Page 202: "If you've got it, flaunt it. And if you don't got it? Flaunt it. 'Cause what are we even doing here if we're not flaunting it?"

Harvard Law School Class Day Speech::

+ The whole bit about Noah Feldman had me chuckling. Was there someone in your graduating class (or any class for that matter) who everyone knew regardless of whether they actually knew them or not?

+ What advice would you give if you were speaking to a graduating class? Something that's always stuck with me is that we're a society that does a lot of speaking but not enough listening. My advice would be to listen more and talk less.

4 a.m. Worries::

+ What are some of your 4 a.m. worries? Mine include: What if I was supposed to do this by now but didn't?, Did I forget to respond to someone?, Why doesn't he like me?, Am I a big phony?

Why Not Me? ::

+ What do you think of her comment about "deserving to be confident"? I think confidence comes first; owning who you are up front and center. At the same time her opinion made sense. I wonder if her definition is similar to my definition of respect, and how someone earns respect and respect in their field, and that cannot just be spoken of but rather earned. Thoughts?

Any other ideas?

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