Book Club :: Mindy Kaling's, Why Not Me? Part Three - Love, Dating, and Boys Who Ru(i)n the World

Today we're delving into the next section of Mindy Kaling's second novel, Why Not Me? This part is all about love, dating, and the crazy hectic space in between. Soup Snakes was my all time favorite chapter -- I had a full spectrum of emotions play out while reading. Did you relate at all to today's discussion chapters?

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Question Time

Soup Snakes::

+ Reading this gave me the feels & reminded me of how lucky I am to have a guy like B.J. in my life. Are you soup snakes with anyone?

+ What is one of the most striking memories you have with your best friend/ soul mate -- like the plane scene in this chapter?

One of the President's Men::

+ Have you ever been in a drawn out correspondence with someone you really like? How did it go? How did it end? Was it overly built up in your mind?

+ What's your date-confidence mantra? Mine is You are a sexy bada** & you are rocking this date. 

A Perfectly Reasonable Request::

+ "All I want is someone reasonable who is basically a good guy" - p. 155. I love this section, because I think at some point we all just want to scream to the world our "perfectly reasonable request[s]". What are some of yours?

+ Would you rather have a partner who fit your list to a T but who you didn't love or someone who didn't fit the list at all but you loved with all of your heart?

A Perfect Courtship in My Alternate Life ::

+ This section made me laugh right out loud. I couldn't help but think of Danny from The Mindy Project. When Sam texts her after the kiss, I thought it was so spot on to some of my own texting catastrophes, I bonded with it over shame :). What was your favorite part?

+ Do you have an imagined alternate life? What are some key differences of this imagined life from your current one? 

Any other thoughts?

That's all of the questions I have to spark conversation for now... Hop down to the comments and give it a whirl -- no thought too big, small, unwanted (within reason), or otherwise!

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