Links I Love - Happy Holidays!

It's a fabulous weekend for celebrating. 

Yesterday, we shared one of our favorite wintry cocktails, and it is perfect for the holiday weekend upon us. Whether you're celebrating Hannukah or Christmas, let this be a reminder to come together, to cherish those we have in our lives, and to celebrate accomplishments big and small. It has been an awfully emotional and chaotic year. 2017 has to be better, right?!

Here are nine links we loved while searching all things the holidays. Enjoy! 

1. The most gorgeous (and seemingly delicious) wintry punch

2. Ten wonderful holiday rituals. 

3. How to pack up and go on vacation.

4. Ten tips for creating the perfect entertaining environment. 

5. Best home workouts for living rooms and hotels alike. 

6. The year 2016 in pictures. 

7. A beautiful movie night.

8. An amazing guide to the best reads of 2016

9. Three quick DIYs for the perfect party wardrobe. 

Have an excellent weekend. Happy Holidays! Xx.