Links I Love

Nine quick links to recharge your Wednesday! Xx. 

Yay! It's the unofficial start of Summer 2017!! Can you believe it? I hope everyone had a lovely long weekend. Over coffee yesterday, I sourced out some articles that inspire my creativity or seem incredibly helpful in kicking my butt in gear during this long short week. If you're in need of a quick work break, these nine finds will do the trick... 

1. Serious recipe inspiration for Taco tuesday. 

2. Phenomenal questions to ask your interviewer. 

3. If you're a blogger, you'll love this curated "blogger essentials" list.

4. How Trader Joe's can sell wine for $2.

5. Sunscreen questions, answered. Definitely helpful.

6. A necessary step for the perfect cocktail - grow your own herbs

7. This polish chandelier is gorgeous. 

8. 51 of the Best RomComs. Thoughts? I have not seen nearly enough. 

9. How to make the weekend last longer. 

Have a lovely day! Xx.