Cocktails with a Twist: The Kombucha Paloma


I've always been fascinated by cocktails; how they mix together so quickly and beautifully, how they slow us down on that first sip to appreciate and savor, and how they bring us to a time of traditional elegance. I grew up with the classic words, "shaken, not stirred" and couldn't help but fall in love with 5 o'clock drinks signalling the close of a long day. I imagine F. Scott Fitzgerald settled into a chair, cocktail in hand as he listened to Zelda rattle on to their friends about the latest gossip.

So turning 21 didn't mean guzzling down large volumes of alcohol - though that certainly had it's place - but rather finally being welcomed into the cool club where elegance, simplicity, and tradition are welcomed and celebrated.


I'm happy to celebrate the beginning of Spring with collaborations and a new chapter: Cocktails with a Twist. I want these drinks to be just as simple as the recipes I post, taking little to no time yet bursting with flavor. At the same time, I want them to be twists on the classic and more traditional cocktails.

First at bat is a cocktail inspired by The Paloma - a tequila, grapefruit, and lime concoction topped off with sparkling water. I nixed the lime - couldn't find it fresh, but I'm sure it would be delicious - and replaced the sparkling water with plain kombucha from UpDog Kombucha. It's safe to say my world is forever changed. UpDog Kombucha's plain kombucha adds just the right sweetness to keep you coming back for more while also providing yummy health benefits like supported digestion and anxiety relief. Alongside freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, it's an irresistible combination.

Everyone's preferences are different when it comes to alcohol. If you find this is too weak or strong, adjust accordingly. I always make a recipe first the way it's listed, second with a little twist, and finally a third time to make sure I've got it just how I like it. I hope you share your versions in the comments or via social media so we can all enjoy! This cocktail can also be made without the tequila for a refreshing drink if you are expecting, have little ones who want to get in on the Great Vibes, or just want to sit back for an alcohol-free evening.

Without further ado ...


The Kombucha Paloma

Ingredients ::

+ 4 Parts Freshly Squeezed Grapefruit Juice*
+ 4 Parts Plain Kombucha
+ 3 Parts Tequila
+ Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
+ Sugar (optional)**

Recipe ::

1. Add the first three ingredients to a shaker with ice (optional addition of sugar here).
2. Shake well. ***
3. Place ground salt onto a plate.
4. Coat the top of your glass with a little grapefruit juice and roll it along the plate to salt the rim.
5. Strain shaker contents into your glass.
6. Add ice if desired.
7. Sip & enjoy!

Notes ::

* I typically make 1 part = 1 ounce, however if you are making for more than one, keep the ratios the same, and all is good!

** This cocktail gets its sweetness from the plain kombucha and the grapefruit juice (i.e. it's not super sweet). If you're not used to that or want it to be a tad less savory, add whatever kind of sweetener or sugar you prefer to taste.

*** Kombucha naturally carbonates, so when you go to combine the ingredients, it might pop the top of your shaker slightly. This is normal, but be sure to hold the top and bottom carefully to form a tight seal. Don't cry over spilled cocktail if a little escapes -- it's all part of the Great Vibes!

Cheers to Cocktails & Great Vibes! Xx.

+ What's your favorite cocktail?

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