Watermelon Citrus Cocktail

It's no surprise we'd celebrate with champagne, is it?

When it comes to champagne, I always have a bottle on hand (and I've talked about why that is here). As summer winds to a close, I wanted to create a drink that embraces the season's favorite fruit, watermelon. 92% of watermelon is water, which yields a large quantity of juice. Lemon and lime are always a refreshing addition, and in this case, they help cut the super sweet flavor of watermelon juice. While yes, you can buy the juice in the store, I find it best (and cheapest) to just make it at home. In under five ingredients, you'll have the prettiest cocktail for your evening drink, brunch, or end of summer parties.  

Watermelon Citrus Cocktail


+ champagne or prosecco (any kind will do)
+ 1/3 watermelon
+ 1 lemon, juice of
+ 1/2 lime, juice of


1. Add all of the ingredients to a blender (except for the champagne), and blend on high. 
2. Scoop the watermelon pulp off the top of the mixture until just the juice remains.
3. Fill your glass half way with champagne. 
4. Top with the juice mixture.
5. Serve, sip, & enjoy!


If you'd like it to be non-alcoholic consider using sparkling water.

Adjust the measurements to suit the amount of people at your party. If you need more watermelon juice, add more watermelon. If you want more lemon flavor, squeeze in another lemon. Play around with it, and then let me know what proportions you choose in the comments below!  

+ What's your favorite way to drink champagne?

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