Weekend Snapshot 1.30.17

I swear it was Friday five minutes ago...

Every day this past week, it felt like the news became more and more grim. Donald Trump closed the nation to refugees and predominately Muslim countries. In fact, he did a lot last week - here's a snapshot. People are continuing to protestand a resist banner popped up near the White House.

In happier news, The New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons are going to SuperBowl LI on Sunday. 'Happier' is clearly relative, since I'm still salty over the Steelers' loss. Activated charcoal worked its way into my diet last week in an incredible lemonade -- didn't see that coming! I snagged this cute dress for my niece and am going gaga over all of Dellie's puppy pictures and wanting another one (should I do it?!).

1. The best water tracking app: Waterlogged
2. Hawaiian themed parties. 
3. Rewatching my favorite episodes of You're the Worst.

This week we're getting back into yoga with YogaGlo; setting resolutions and intentions (and writing about why I waited until February); and experimenting with fun cocktail recipes for Valentine's Day. 

+ How was your weekend? What are you up to this week?