Weekend Snapshot 2.6.17

Aaand it's Monday again. 

It was a pretty fun weekend over here on The Guide. Shelby had her hair dyed with a nod to our fave unicorn (loveee). I saw Georgia Tech lose to Wake Forest after winning a free pizza during a dance off near the half, and then went to a Lee Brice and Justin Moore concert (country feels). And Sunday was for extra sushi, getting back to the yoga vibes, and the big game we've been counting down towards...

In an unprecedented close of a 19-point lead, the Patriots beat the Falcons in the Super Bowl LI, and the 2017 game became one of the most exciting ones in a long a** time. I wonder how many Tom Brady jerseys were bought last night? You can catch the seven best (and worst) Super Bowl commercials from The Verge here

Fun things you should know? Five ways to to use avocado for something other than guac; why sports writers aren't 'sticking to sports' anymore (and it's a good thing); and why kids might gain more satisfaction from pets than their own siblings. 

1. A jam-packed Saturday with my favorite people. 
2. Hard cider and popcorn during the Superbowl.
3. My new sleep mask. Bless. 

This week we're going puppy searching; mastering the art of sugar cubes; and getting ahead - or at least on track - in some work (boring but necessary). 

+ How was your weekend? What are you up to this week?