Gratitude Mondays ~ 1.20.14

photo 1

Flashback to my incredible trip to Vancouver, Canada. I am grateful for many things… one of them being spell check, because I never knew that grateful wasn’t spelled greatful. Huh. Since it is Monday, and my New Years Resolutions include giving thanks, love, and gratitude all year long, I’m kicking off the first Gratitude Monday on the blog. Just a few loves and well wishes to start the week off on a good note, rather than an oh-my-gosh-it’s-Monday note.

I love that I get the best sunrises on my early walks to the gym.

This morning's sunrise over the practice field near Miller Center.

And that my camera takes great pictures to capture the best friendships.

Twinning with G! Love my Tye-Dye Nation.

Coffee date with J and I first day back on campus.

Love my main girl B and our funny faces.

D and I at the Wake vs. State game.

I’m grateful for those who stood for equal rights and held their unwavering platforms graciously and with a strength rarely seen in politics or public positions these days.

I’m also very grateful that their determination grants me an extra day of my weekend.

Ahhh bed.

My gratitude extends to a working internet and the ability to read books electronically.

But mainly I’m grateful for the fabulous friendships I have, the love I have in the sacred bond of my mother-daughter relationship, and the excitement I have in my soul that keeps me discovering my dreams.