Weekend Finds


I’ve spent a lot of time this week considering how I handle unfortunate news, resolve conflict, and make myself known to the world without vindicating or vilifying anyone. I’ve learned that it definitely isn’t solvable or discoverable within a short amount of time. What I do understand is this: do something to calm your nerves or anger, drink tons of chamomile tea, and tell yourself that everything will work out as it is meant to be.

Here’s to a step in the right direction.

Happy weekend!

Favorite blog quote of the week:

“So I cook cheese and carb loaded meals for myself. I watch marathons of The Fosters. I dance around in my bra and underwear to Britney Spears and count it as my work out. I cry just because I need a cry. I stay longer with a friend because seeing her smile makes me smile. I cancel plans so I can go to yoga because I need that time on the mat. I write in my journal instead of here on my blog. I go to bed at 9pm sometimes. I eat cake in bed and indulge in fabulous dinners at pricey restaurants with friends. I’m not waiting around for happiness or love or respect to show up on my doorstep. These are things I create for myself.”

~ Nikki from Cupcakes for Breakfast

Some of my favorite links this week:

Beautiful pictures by Brian Tuchalski.

Do you feel informed about the midterm election?

If only guys realized the value of such an app.

The way college feels sometimes.

How pretty would this be to give a family member or friend? Honestly though, it makes me think of the movie New in Town when all of the factory workers have to solemnly swear not tell the secrets of the tapioca pudding to Trudy Wanderhuusen.

I’d name my baby, Minnie, but for other reasons than being hipster. Do you have a favorite?

And my new favorite blogs this week

MissMoss and Elephantine