Gratitude Mondays ~ 1.27.14

Peace and Love My Design-2

Peace, Love, and Dancing in Your Underwear 

This weekend, I left the blinds up, put on some true soul, love songs and shimmied until I realized other people could see me through the window. Those fleeting moments were so filled with excitement and energy, I was able to laugh at myself and shake my head a little. There I was, standing in my underwear, shaking all over, probably looking like I just saw a mouse, but not having felt that alive in months.

I wish all life felt that way; the moments of true passion before the disturbing decent of reality. It would be nice to see more and more people doing things for themselves rather than for the likes of other. Of course I don’t mean volunteering or offering a helping hand. I’m referring to dressing for others, speaking the thoughts of another person, writing and typing after being told what one does is wrong. There is no right way to live. Just be exactly who you want to be, breathe, and try and be happy!

I am grateful for that spontaneous dance.

I am grateful for hours and hours of relaxing yoga that helped me through last week.

I am grateful for my beautiful Mother, who is the best publisher, writer, and personal therapist in all the land.

I am grateful for group messages that keep me in the loop, long dinners, and plenty of laughter.

I am grateful for Netflix and the show How I Met Your Mother.

I am grateful for understanding my math notes and knowing how to do an in-depth problem.

I am grateful for people who respond quickly to my frazzled emails.

I am grateful for those who stay by my side even when it’s displaying my crazy.

I am grateful for the sun, the moon, and the stars.

I am grateful for the beauty of the gesture and word, Namaste~ the perfect light in me honors and exists with the perfect light in you.


[credit for above image goes to me, thanks!]