Gratitude Mondays ~ 2.10.14


Welcome to the week of weeks!

Snow accumulation: possible; exams: 3; days until the end of the week: 5

Woohoo. I’m going to imagine I am happy and hopeful and positive and not at all completely ready to flip out if my roommate’s washcloths hit me one more time. I mean it’s a communal bathroom. You do not hang your washcloths along the shower rod when your other roommate has asked politely if you would take them down so as not to get pelted with a half moldy, damp washcloth upon getting out of the shower.

Ugh and yuck.

But nevertheless, I’m not going to spend my days ranting on this blog, because who likes that?

Let’s put this into perspective and share some gratitude:

I am grateful for my to-go mug of tea for my 9 am classes.

I am grateful for my planner that allows me to schedule my day by the hour.

I am grateful for someone who helps me understand myself better and get to the root cause of my problems.

I am grateful for my confidence in not having to go out on the weekends and the sense of comfort that I can still enjoy when alone.

I am grateful for the date already being the tenth of February, and that February is the shortest month of the year.

I am grateful for note cards and huge erasers and my brains capacity to hold all of this knowledge.

Something I hope to be grateful for is my ability to accept myself both positively and congratulatory in regards to these upcoming exams. I will not belittle myself or injure my self-image because I feel I have made mistakes or messed up my answers.

I am grateful for the internet space to share my thoughts and anyone and everyone who reads said thoughts.

I am grateful that no one critiques me for my wordy sentences when I’m too tired to truly think.

I am grateful for caffeine. I am grateful for nourishment. I am grateful for the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Enjoy your Monday! What are you grateful for?