Sunday Funday


Happy Sunday! [links at the bottom if that’s what you wanted to check out really quick!]

A Recap and Ranting 

I hope everyone has enjoyed the weekend. Mine was spent in a flurry of notecard making and recapping 250 pages of Feminist Theory. Crazy to think you can sit that still in a library for six hours! Ahh. I thought my computer was going to crash about three times, so I kept saving my document, obsessively pressing ctrl-s fifty times in a row.

I was overwhelmed and anxious, tired and frustrated. It was quite different than what I had imaged my weekend to be like! But that’s what you get when you have three exams in two days, and it isn’t even midterms yet. What teacher in their right mind decides to split up an exam into thirds so every two weeks you hyperventilate twenty-four/ seven? Plus, the day of my exam last week, I saw this guy that was so cute, I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to throw up because of his gorgeousness or because I had my first exam of the semester. Oh boy. Literally.

The beautiful man cards right before me, but they all fall in the he-doesn’t-even-know-my-name range. It’s quite lovely. I say this with a heavy dose of sarcasm. I have nicknames for these men, as all nineteen-year-old girls do, right? What else are you supposed to call them? Thing one and thing two? Now that’s just demeaning.

I wouldn’t be feeling this way if I hadn’t heard from this guy on Wednesday, to whom I had been talking with over the winter. I was writing something about him the other day, but it’s still a little too close to the heart to publish. It will though, I am sure, as he has completely done a 180 on the sweetness scale. I’m calling him M, and I’m also calling him a lot of other names not fit for print. Either way, I’m glad there is this bizarre closure and that I can now get my flirty show on the road.

I’ve reemerged into the online dating community, and I’ve made a pact with myself to go out at least twice a month to parties. Baby steps.

Does anyone have any advice on how to break up with friends? Not romantic friends, but friends that are not benefiting your life and causing you more pain that happiness? It’s a pretty rough territory.

My favorite links of the week!

The New Yorker always has the most beautiful cover art.

Since I eat about three bananas a day and it’s about to be Valentine’s Day.

Speaking of valentine’s day: the real history behind the day and not the tradition of hallmark.

Ten things to do to make you happier.

Because who doesn’t want to learn how to make an exquisite bouquet?

And thanks to CupofJo, this still makes me sob.

I’m also really thrilled to find StoryCorps on Vimeo, as they have crafted some beautiful videos of wonderful conversations and situations. Seriously I love them.

For the most part, that’s all the time I’ve spent online, aside from watching How I Met Your Mother. Oh Barney. I’m on season five, and I just want him and Robin back together.

Despite it all, breathe in, breathe out, and move on to a place of solace and love. Namaste.