Gratitude Mondays ~ 3.3.14


Happy Monday, Everyone! Sorry for the lack of a weekend post. I got a little side-tracked and sick this weekend. Only four days of class left until break! Annnnnddd I’ve got a Wake v. Duke basketball game, two tests, and a girl’s night out before the end of the week. Awesome!

What are your plans this week? Is it busy or quiet? Crazy or chill?

What I am grateful for…

I am grateful for the sunshine of 70 degree Sundays.

I am grateful for piggy back rides, long walks, and flip flops.

I am grateful for laughter and plans with friends.

I am grateful for allowing myself to enjoy my college experience rather than bury myself in work and horrendous scheduling.

I am grateful for perspective.

I am grateful for yoga Fridays with my newest close friend.

I am grateful for fries of Friday with lots of ketchup.

I am grateful for fresh Meyer lemons squeezed into my delicious ice cream.

I am grateful for bowls of oatmeal when I am too hungry and tired to stop watching Netflix.

I am grateful for having stacks of surplus lined paper for when I run out.

I am grateful for my need to stop studying after 7 and say good night homework.

I am grateful for my two-a-day yoga practices that are reminding me how to be happy again.

I am grateful for fun links and beautiful picture.

Mostly, I am grateful that I get to write my thoughts down and use my brain each and ever day.

Here are some fun links I have yet to post…

A fun comic on drinking coffee, because it is midterms and Monday.

The Olympic winners caught frame by frame.

Genius Photoshop Project: Jackie O is my idol, and she still manages to be beautiful with ink. Question: Would you think any differently of these figures if they had actually been/ were actually covered in tattoos?

Does anyone not like Seth Grogen? It’s impossible not to love him.

For all those as grammar obsessed as me: a quick comic on proper uses of who versus whom.

5 things that may have healed her digestion, but might save your sanity and life. Worth the read and note.