Gratitude 8.25.14

Be Grateful

Here's to another week! Starting classes tomorrow... what a summer. Did you all have a great summer? Mine was overwhelmingly amazing. You can read a little bit about it here. But first, let's be grateful for all that we have! I am grateful for a free water supply.

I am grateful for all four of my limbs to connect me to the earth and shine my heart to the sky.

I am grateful for amazing people that remind me what it’s like to be empowered and fueled by passion.

I am grateful for online shopping and (unfortunately?) doing it when I really don’t need to.

I am grateful for forgiveness, for without it, tension, anger, and hatred would fester.

I am grateful for truths, both mine and your own, because they shape who we are and how we live on this earth together.

What are you grateful for today? Comment below... 

Om Shanti, Namaste


[image by Emily Friend]