This is Life - The Great Vibes Guide is Back

I got a job, lost my mind, and am finally back to say, I've survived the world so far and am back for more. Xx. 

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In August, I packed up my little Volkswagen Bug, kissed my Del on the head in my final round of goodbyes, and drove up toward NYC for a new job. I found an apartment, put together some Ikea furniture, and ultimately fell into the work hustle / zero life balance thing. 

The Great Vibes Guide has always been about the champagne popping because you made it through a Monday and the extra sprinkles in Rice Krispies because you're only you once. It's always been about the teeny tiny moments, which when strung together, make this life a life to talk about.

When The Guide began, there was no true understanding of grief or bone-harrowing loss. There weren't health problems or debating medications where yoga and meditation couldn’t be the fix. But then there was all of that and numbing exhaustion on top of it all. So for a long while, the thought of showing up here for everyone else -- since it wasn't feeling like it was for me anymore -- was ridiculous. But then I did a search on my own blog for a tip I'd written a year ago, and realized this space was more about documenting and curating a collection of sorts. 

So, The Guide is no longer about likes or shares or clicks or SEO. Because I don't have time, and frankly, I don't particularly care right now. 

It's about surviving and thriving -- whether that's after a terrible day at work or a night of doing tequila shots without drinking water. 

The Great Vibes Guide is back for us all to crack open and unravel and free ourselves from whatever limitations we’ve trapped ourselves beneath. So throw an extra olive in your martini, and let’s do this 2018 thing. Xx.

Happy Fourth of July


Happy Birthday, America! 

Wishing you a happy and safe holiday. Xx.

My Favorite Sleep Mask

It clearly gets the message across. 


If there is one thing worth valuing, it is quality of sleep. Every place I live has an absurd amount of light from street lamps coming through the window, so I started using a sleep mask at night to black it out. In my opinion, a sleep mask should be made of breathable fabric, large enough to clearly keep out the light, be adjustable, and also be fun/pretty in appearance. I not only love this mask for the message it gets across, but it also checks off all of those boxes. The fact that it is inexpensive and comes with earplugs is just a cherry on top. Pack it in your bag for long flights, vacation, or plain ol' nap time. 

Shop the Item Here: Sleep Mask, $11. 

+ Do you use a sleep mask? What helps you fall asleep?