Overflow with Presence ~ 9.2.14

"If people tell you that you should live your life preparing for the future, do not believe them. Real life is found only in the present" -Tolstoy

What is your present? What is it like? Does it entertain you, fuel you, fill you with desire? If not, work to make it your ideal life now. There is not a future emotion or state of being where you will deserve happiness, love, and laughter. There is no ideal weight or sense of hope or presence that grants you the right to feel passion, energy, and wholeness. Do not be discouraged, light is within all of us. Like Tolstoy says, those who surround us can get caught in the hustle and bustle that is life and believe that everything we do is only for later means. What if later never comes? Sorry to sound morbid, but what if all you do is prepare and prepare and then never get to enjoy your life? Sounds terrible, doesn't it? So live and let live! Be happy, be sorry, be filled with so much emotion you overflow from the heart, with tears from your eyes, with screams of joy. You deserve it right this very second. So find your present and please, please, please be grateful and humble and overjoyed. Just be.



[pictures by cell phone by yours truly]