Put Your Fingers Together for Yoga Wednesday!


Our hands are magical, amazing wonders of the body that enable us to grasp and hold on to our hopes, dreams, and fears, both tangible and fantasy. These hands of ours hold far more power than we ever give them credit. Each area of the hand represents various emotions and behaviors, creating a map to our well being and consciousness.

That being said, there are gestures that can be done with our hands that unite our personal power, sense of clarity, feelings of love. These are called yoga mudras.

Woah ||

Like I said above, yoga mudras are gestures, often done using the hands, during a yoga practice or meditation (or the good ol’ day to day activities) that elicit various emotional states and levels of consciousness. They are often referred to as seals or locks and work to harness energy flow and reflexes in the body and brain.

Mudras work through our bio magnetic fields, body, and mental state; they clean out the channels within our body. By wiping out stagnant energy, we clear a path for our life force and individual truths. When mudras purify our bio magnetic field, we are shielded against negative forces. This now elevates our own vibrational power. On a very summed up level ... our vibrational power are the energies we put out into the universe like joy, happiness, and positive intention. 

The idea of mudras is to regenerate and transform the mind-body principle and expand our inner and outer consciousness. There are many many more mudras than the few I selected today, so be mindful, do what you like, and love yourself always.

The Hand ||

the individual finger | planetary energy

            Index | Jupiter

            Middle | Saturn

            Ring | Sun

            Pinky | Mercury

thumb | individual persona

The Touch ||

Passive || fleshy parts touch (meditation} there should be enough pressure that you feel a little energy and vibration, but not so much that your skin turns white

Active || fleshy part of thumb to nail of finger {daily routine or yoga practice} just slight pressure of the nail to the skin

The Mudras ||

Gian (or Gyan) Mudra || Seal of Knowledge || thumb and index finger touching

Planet || Jupiter: expansion & prosperity

Effects || flow with ease, have self-knowledge, be receptive, be prosperous

Good For || communicating difficult topics or through unflavored emotions; during a yoga sequence for heart openers

Shuni Mudra || Seal of Patience || thumb and middle finger touching

Planet || Saturn: responsibility & governs karma

Effects || patience, commitment, courage

Good For || actualize destiny, understand lessons; during a yoga sequence in forward folds

Surya Mudra ||Seal of Sun and Life || thumb and ring finger touching

Planet || Sun: energy & vitality   Uranus: intuition, strength & change

Effects|| boosts health and strength; activates internal vibrational power and light

Good for || radical change and breakthroughs; during a yoga sequence that is particularly challenging

Buddhi Mudra ||Seal of Mental Clarity ||thumb and pinky finger touching


Planet || Mercury

Effects || creates capacity to clearly communicate; stimulates psychic development and intuitive abilities

Good For || relating to others; connecting to the words you wish to speak; having a clear mind; during a yoga sequence forward fold or final meditation

Prayer Pose || palms of both hands and fingers completely touching, thumbs press into sternum

Balances || left and right sides of brain and body

Right: masculine, active, sun Left: feminine, receptive, moon

Golden Triangle||index meets index, thumb meets thumb in a triangle

Breakthroughs & Manifestations

[pictures by yours truly]

*** sorry for the late post -- just had a really sucky sucky day -- but I'm bouncing back and finding strength ... its a great time for this post. Please excuse any blatant errors in the writing; my mind is just here there and everywhere, but the intention is pure xxoo