Life as a Practice ||

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I was sitting in yoga the other day, blissed out and listening to Sam Smith’s Nirvana and Safe with Me, when it occurred to be that in class, we are often told that there is no mastering a pose. When you think you have gone as far as you have gone, there is always a tweak, a transition, or a place to go further and explore a little more.

Huh. There is no mastering? So I don’t have to constantly feel like I am not enough or I don’t compare?

Yes! There is no need for feeling that sense of lack, because exactly where I am is enough. If one day I cannot even get into a pose I could just yesterday, that is okay, because I am exactly where I need to be in this very moment. I do not exist in the body of yesterday or the person of tomorrow. I exist in this very moment and that is all that matters.

With this vibrational shock to my core, I naturally took it to everyday life, and here’s what I learned. You can’t master life either. Nope. What happened yesterday, what you wore, what you ate, what you felt, all of that happened in the past. And you aren’t there anymore. You are here! You are reading this post and maybe realizing that life, like yoga, is just a practice. It’s not a practice for a big finale, either. Just a practice that is always ebbing and evolving and flowing into magnificence until one day you pop up in the most extraordinary version of an adventure and you realize woah – today it was all just meant to work. [read the rest...]

Stay tuned to tomorrow's post -- a little coconut chocolate bliss recipe and then the benefits of coconut over the weekend! Woohoo. Love you all.

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