Weekend Extra || Coconut Exposed

I know I promised you all a coconut-tell-all ... enjoy!


from the Cocos nucifera palm

Coconut is unbelievable. -- there are so many incredibly, amazing, fantabulous things that coconut can do/be, I was pretty intimidated to write this post, because I wasn't sure where to start, stop, or keep going. You'll see, don't worry... Studiesencourage the idea that coconut is great for health promotion and disease prevention. Parts of the fruit and coconut water host so many medicinal properties like being antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antiparasitic, antidermatophytic, antioxidant, hypoglycemic, hepatoprotective, immunostimulant -- woah. Coconut water and the coconut kernel contain microminerals and nutrients, too! These are essential to human health and survival, and thus coconut is desired by those all over the world and readily found in tropical areas/countries.

Nutritional Benefits | just some of the amazing qualities… per 80g or one cup shredded ... percentages of daily value

  • Healthy fat // saturated fat (65% medium chain triglycerides)
    • Fatty acids in coconut // fatty acids necessary for optimal health
      • 49% lauric acid
      • ~ 18% mysteric acid
      • 9% palmitic acid,
      • 7 % capric acid
      • 8% aprylic acid
      • 5-6% oleic acid
      • ~3% stearic acid
      • 2% linoleic acid
      • Vitamin E // 1%
      • Vitamin C // 4%
      • Sterols
      • Fiber (in coconut meat)
      • Electrolytes
        • potassium // 8%
        • magnesium // 6%
        • manganese // 60%
        • sodium (coconut water) // 1%

What it can help me with |

Different Forms That I Can Use |

Coconut meat // white flesh within the coconut amount varies depending on age -- young coconuts have very soft coconut meat similar to a gelatin / mature coconuts have a very hard, dense, and fibrous coconut meat with a stronger flavor

Coconut water // clear liquid within the coconut young coconuts have a greater amount of coconut water than the mature coconuts high in natural electrolytes such as potassium, magnesium and a small amount of simple sugars perfect to sip all day long or post-workout

Coconut milk // liquid from grated coconut meat thick, creamy and white used in sweet and savory dishes -- think curries or for making dairy-free ice cream

Coconut oil // oil extracted or pressed from mature coconut meat solid at room temperature and melts around 76 degrees note//always choose organic cold pressed oil and stay away from any coconut oils that say hydrogenated great for cooking and eating amazing beauty product replacement

Coconut butter // pureed unsweetened shredded or flaked coconut meat similar consistency to cashew or almond butter naturally sweet flavor and thick creamy texture great as a replacement for butter +            my favorite -- drizzled over warm fall squash for a filling, healthy, and delicious treat

Coconut flour // simply dried and ground coconut meat high in fiber and great for gluten free + low carbohydrate baking

Coconut shredded flakes // coconut meat either shredded very small or larger sized flakes used in baking or as toppings yummy note: toast in the oven until golden brown for a nice nutty flavor Used in Chocolate Covered Coconut Circles

I couldn't even put a star next to my favorites... I love coconut too much!

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