Dankbarkeit || Gratitude in German

Monday Already ||

Did anyone else's weekend go by at the speed of light? I swear, it needs to be a mandatory thing that we add another day, or five, to the weekend. Who's with me? Do we really think this four day work week will actually take root? What am I saying, I have perfectly comfortable plans to be surrounded by work but have it feel like love all the time... though only having to work four days out of the week would be awesome. Those European countries know what's up.

If you haven't tried the coconut circles, get moving! Nah, do what you want, but really they are delicious : -). If you want to learn an intense amount of knowledge about coconut, feel free to check this amazing food out.  I'm about to add it to the mainbar if you're not wanting to expend energy on clicking... hey, we conserve where we can, am I right?

Okay, now I'm just being ridiculous ; -) . Oops almost spilled my water on the computer... time to be grateful and then get off the computer. Have a beautiful, wonderful, very good Monday.

How was everyone's weekend? Any news to share?


I am grateful to be alive. I am grateful to have all of my limbs in working order. I am grateful to be surrounded by all those I love. I am grateful for the inspirations those loved ones extend. I am grateful for water, for I know it is a limited resource yet is so readily available for my use. I am grateful for my brain, a far more important muscle than my ego allows. I am grateful for hope and wonder and the stars above that make me feel safe.

Clearly it's a sappy Monday. Really, I'm grateful for all of the above, yes, but mostly my pillow and Once Upon a Time, without which I don't believe I would have survived the weekend.

What are you grateful for?


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