Worthiness || 9.30.14


I am worthy of abundance and greatness in all areas of my life.

I think we all need this one today. Find what makes you feel whole and sustained and enjoy the feelings that come up and tap you on the shoulder. You are deserving of the good vibrations that make life worth living. Remember to open yourself to receiving them – some days this may be harder than others. But strive for the feelings of butterflies-in-your-stomach-excitement. every. single. day. Even if it is just one small acknowledgment, just one ounce, know that you are worthy. You are worthy of everything and anything in between.

It's the last day of the month -- imagine October being your best month yet, filled with love, gratitude, and abundance. What does this look like for you? Feel free to share below...


[image: Lotus-flower design, which is drawn from 19th century French archives and influenced by the Arts & Crafts Movement]