An Invitation to Us All || 10.1.14


Could you give up your reflection for a few hours, a day, a week?

My invitation to you -- whether you're healing from an eating disorder, recovering from a broken heart, or feeling like you need to recenter to the glorious being that is within you, you might give this a try...

// a little excerpt // 

... I remembered the time I spent not looking in the mirror during my recovery; how much time I had, the freedom I felt, the disregard for the opinions of others. Why did I ever stop? Now when I look in the mirror, I tend to compare myself to others. Rather than being a kind and loving friend, I end up leaching toxic judgment onto those I am comparing myself against. I begin to feel resentment to those that have what my body is lacking. Well of course my body doesn’t resemble theirs – it’s my body!

I wonder how much time I would gain if I didn’t obsess about the small things. I wonder how much time I could find for pleasure if I wasn’t searching for the pain and bad. Would I gain a lot? I think so.

And thus sparked an idea, that turned into a flame, that sprouted a fire.

Here is my invitation – one day a week, try not to look in a mirror or any reflective surface. And here are the whys and hows behind this invitation… [read from the start ...]

Feel free to reach out and share your experience. I will be glad to share mine as well. xxoo

[image of emily friend]