The Day is What You Make It || Gratitude

|| Just Another Manic Monday ... JK make of it what you wish ||

I began the weekend with the intention of it being work fueled and productive but slowly realized that was not how I would spend my time. When I sat down to concentrate, my mind was elsewhere, and my heart was floating on a cloud off in the distance. I decided the world could wait and I dedicated the rest of my weekend to my well being -- I took a long walk with a friend through the gardens and saw a beautiful sky begging for a picture (the one above), and a friend of mine bought me candy corn and I knew it was finally fall -- that and the fall colors creeping along the branches. It is a pleasure to be surrounded by fall changes again. I found an old photo of my dog and I -- photobooth is a wonderful thing. I was able to finish the third season of Once Upon A Time and read into some beautiful books. My time was well spent and enjoyable.

I'm glad for my weekend spent hiding away and turning inward, and my hope is that this week not be filled with stress, that I take everything in stride, knowing it all happens for a reason. Everything happens for a reason. So I'll take some deep breaths, read some more books, find some more links, and enjoy the time I have here. Because life is just too short to spend any moment wishing for something else.

So make this day filled with nothing but hope and excitement and dreams and carefree wishes. Life is exactly what you make it. So make it so great you want to do cartwheels all of the time and sing at the top of your lungs and laugh like you never have before -- we aren't striving for crazy here, just loving life. Alright... how about some gratitude?

How was everyone's weekend? Any news to share? What do you dream and wish for?


I am grateful for the crisp fall that is upon us. I am grateful for hope. I am grateful for connections. I am grateful for yoga. I am grateful for phone calls filled with love and facetime filled with acceptance. I am grateful for bright cheery smiles and candy that only comes around once a year. I am grateful for creation and for the mind and for the love that surrounds my heart. I am grateful for change, for I know it is showing itself to my truth, and for accepting it, no matter how hard or what the ego thinks is right. I have a lot to be grateful for.

What are you grateful for?


[images by emily friend]