Health & Wellness Thursdays || All About Gluten-Free Baking ||11.20.14

For those of you inviting guests over for the holidays that may have Celiac's Disease or be gluten intolerant or just not into eating gluten, here is a run-down of really really really helpful gluten-free baking basics.

|| The Low-Down on Ingredients ||

there's no need to be intimidated, just take it one step at a time -- contact me if you have any questions or need tips (I've been gluten-free for three years now and am on my way to being a Certified Holistic Health Coach)

  • Xantham Gum

    • Acts as a replacement for the gluten in gluten-free flour
    • Provides structure by interacting with the gluten-free flour, giving it that 'lift & puff'
  • Gluten Free Flour

    • Tends to be a combination of a bunch of different flours (and also some starches)
      • Typically there is combination of rice flours, maybe bean flours, possibly some whole grains such as millet or amaranth, and starches such as potato or tapioca starch
    • In this video, her favorite is Bob's Red Mill
      • Bob's Red Mill has a great mix that was recently recreated to have less of a 'bean' flavor in the raw dough stage -- because we all know we eat cookie dough by the spoonful before baking : - )
  • Flax Seed Meal

    • Ground up flax seed
    • Replaces that 'viscous, gooey, binding' texture that eggs provide
    • Also has a delicious flavor -- slightly nutty, a little sweet
  • Kuzu Powder

    • Great replacement for gelatin
      • Put the powder in a little water until it breaks down
      • Add to whatever you want to stiffen or thicken -- so easy
  • Soy Flour

    • Ground up soybeans
    • Helps achieve a creamy texture for creations like vegan butter-cream (!)
  • Coconut Oil

    • No butter in vegan dishes, but looking for a delicious flavor? Best bet.
    • Doesn't taste 'coconutey' just very rich and comforting (plus so good for you!)
    • High burn temperature -- holds up well no matter how you use it
    • Solid in room temperature -- just takes a little heat to melt
  • Nutritional Yeast

    • Adds a cheesy flavor to dishes
    • Delicious and Savory
    • Texture: flaky and light

[Video by The Kitchy Kitchen -- watch more on her YouTube Channel]