A Stepping Stone to all that is Good || 11.19.14


This was originally posted to There's Beauty in Recovery last week... jump through to the site at the end of the excerpt to read more...

... Because it’s okay if something doesn’t work the first time. It is okay when goals are met with a little obstacle. Our heart blossoms each time we shout to the full moon of our worthiness, of our desire to be alive, of our beating chests ready to take on whatever is next. So I went back to the drawing boards, more like my place of meditation, and sat long and hard about what I needed to feel larger than life and in love with myself. I’ve created a little manifesto of self-love. Something a little easier this time – a stepping stone to all that is good ... [keep reading]

Have you ever failed at something? How did you handle and react to the situation?


[look! those are my words placed beautifully by Liza Rae from There's Beauty in Recovery -- green link on the sidebar]