If Love Could Speak ...


If love could speak to me ...

If love could speak to me, what would it say? It would say that imperfection is perfection.

Love would say, honey, stop stressing the small things.

Love would tell me that the food I put onto my plate and into my mouth is an expression of love in itself — that I must be compassionate to the food that I put on my plate so that I may in turn be compassionate to myself and others. Love would tell me to try and be comfortable in my skin – that the dimples on my belly are spots that magic settles and waits to be shaken free, that the stretch marks that line my sides, my breasts, my thighs, are little roadmaps to healing, meant to be traveled along and remembered with pride. Love would say, sweetheart, dream big, be big, take and take, give and give.

Be open to the best life you know. But also remember that not everything is what it seems. Dig deeper and discover the past and creation of what you don’t understand. Love would tell me that I worry too much, that I could let go of some things. Love would tell me that I am deserving. Deserving of what? Everything. And how dare I not reach for it all and then some. Love would tell me to let my soul ache. It would tell me that it’s okay to mourn what has never existed. Love would whisper that it’s okay to love everyone and yet no one in particular. Love would murmur the words I need to hear the most – you are loved and alive. Love would tell me how much I matter to this world – to never leave or try and be misplaced.

Love would tell me to let my tears roll, not to bottle them up, that I am free to brave my emotions.

It would wrap me up in silken thoughts, twirl me around in whispers, and plop me rosy and breathless in a pile of compassion and sweetness and kindness. But most of all, love would accept. It would speak of its everlasting presence, of its willingness to prove that as long as I am shrouded in light and acceptance, anything is possible. If love could speak to me, it would remind me that I am beautiful and bright and a gift to the world. If love could speak to me, it would whisper that life would be incomplete without my presence. Love accepts and cherishes. It never fails. It is constant always.

If love could speak to me, it would tell me all the things I’m too scared to tell myself.


+ if love could speak to you, what would it say? This was originally posted to There's Beauty in Recovery.