Book Club :: Elizabeth Gilbert's, Big Magic Part Three - Permission

Cover Photo for Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Cover Photo for Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Today we're getting into Big Magic's third part, Permission, and, admittedly, I realize I jumped the gun last chat and asked some questions from this reading (aghhhhh gasp!). Seriously so sorry about not respecting that boundary - obviously I was feeling a pull towards these thoughts. So in doing so, we're going to use those questions as our basis for discussion this week.

I definitely struggle with "permission" in my life. I wonder if I'm too young, too female, too something that inhibits my growth, my ability to shine, or my availability to possible clients or readers. Which is so stinkin' silly, but still, here it sits. So I really want to chat about that today. What do you think you need permission for in your life? I'll let you in on a hint, no one is going to give it to you, so you might as well just freaking start.

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For February 19th read Part IV, Persistence. Xx.

Question Time


+ Have you been waiting for a permission slip? You don't need one, but if you're worried you do (like I am), as Elizabeth Gilbert writes, "THERE, I just gave it to you" (p. 90).

+ Right here, right now, declare your intent. Who are you?

I am a dreamer, a romantic, a writer, a yoga instructor, a guide, a health coach. I am all of this and even more. Now you!

+ What have you been complaining too much about?

Here are some of mine: I don't have a significant other; I'm not earning enough money; It's just not working. LAME. I'm only bringing more of that in my direction, so let's cut that out, K? K. Now you!

+ What do you think you give far more importance to than necessary? I'm thinking of the section "We Were Just a Band" from this part. Do you give too much importance to your craft in a way that makes it inauthentic or too demanding or too stressful?

+ Do you have a sacred space to explore your craft? Do you need to build more space in terms of a physical location or explore a space deeper within yourself? How can we help you?

Any other ideas?

That's all of the questions I have to spark conversation for now... Hop down to the comments and give it a whirl -- no thought too big, small, unwanted (within reason), or otherwise!

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