Valentine's Day Gift Guide for your Galentine, your Main Man, or your Main Girl!


For Your Galentine ...

1. Something pretty for her to relax in while you two make face masks, paint nails, and FB stalk your crush. 
2. For your weekly popcorn and movie dates without which you'd be completely lost.
3. The aforementioned mask with only 3 ingredients - none of them harmful chemicals - to help her skin be as radiant as her heart.

For Your Main Man ...

1. A great card that would be perfect with a special playlist for the night.
2. A personalized cocktail muddler so you can get slightly tipsy from his beautiful cocktail making skills and have a ball of a time.
3. Delicious chocolate whiskey, because he doesn't do sweets, but he appreciates the sentiment.

For Your Main Girl ...

1. The back issue of New York Magazine for the month you met or became a couple, because she's sentimental and would cherish it with all of her heart.
2. She can't keep a piggy in her room, but you can give an animal or kit to families in need in her name.
3. A beautiful chemise because you know how much she loves lace, sexy nighties, and grown-up cuddling.

+ Do you celebrate Valentine's or Galentine's Day? Or both? What are you going to do this year?

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