"Book Club" Chats Videos this Week (i.e. The Skinny's First Episode, Relapse)!


There were several of you wanting to participate in book club but not really into reading Big Magic -- totally rad, but I miss hearing/reading everyone's voice! SO this week we're talking about a new video series called The Skinny.

"The Skinny is an R29 original dark comedy series that follows feminist wannabe YouTube star Jessie (Jessie Kahnweiler) as she explores love, life, and friendship in L.A. — while struggling with bulimia." - Refinery29

So make yourself a bowl of popcorn, watch this 12 minute video that's going to make you want to yell FINALLY at the screen for actually providing a realistic capture of female life, and let's chat in the comments below. What made you feel something (angry, sad, happy, blessed, etc.) while you watched this?

If anything in this video is triggering, know there are resources to help. Let's chat if you're unsure what's happening in your body right now.

Cheers to Great Vibes! Xx.

+ Shall we keep watching this series? There are six in total!

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