Book Club :: Elizabeth Gilbert's, Big Magic Part One & Two - Courage and Enchantment

cover photo for Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

cover photo for Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Today we're finally jumping into Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I feel like these last few weeks have been yeeeaaaarrrrrsssss. Ya feel me? But gosh, what a book!

For today, we're talking all things Courage and Enchantment. What lovely titles, huh? Let me just say that this book is beyond captivating. I find myself talking about it with everyone I speak with, explaining her views on ideas as living entities and our responsibility to "show up". I've yet to read elsewhere how we're responsible and also not responsible at all for the spark. We can ask for it, want it, show up for it, hold hands and skip with it, but we're not lost if it isn't there or if it takes flight in the middle of a good conversation.

I never read Eat Pray Love, but I bet women and men everywhere really identified with her voice, because I find myself associating with the images she outlines. I find myself falling for her narration and the tales she's woven of creative habits, of falling in love with your craft, and freaking owning everything you've got to put it out front and center.

I've got a few questions to spark discussion, and I'm hoping we can get some great discussions going in the comment section! Ready, set, let's go!!! (Clearly I'm excited to talk about this -- the girl gang has been blowin' up facebook with talk of how genius this is, and I'm excited to debut those thoughts woot woot! -- sorry F.Scott, I can't lose the exclamation points on this one).

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For February 5th read Part III, Permission. Xx.

Question Time


+ What are some of the ways you fear living a creative life?

Here are some of mine: I'm afraid I'm a fraud that no one has discovered yet; I'm afraid somebody else is doing it better, and I shouldn't bother; I'm afraid I am unworthy; I'm afraid my honesty isn't refreshing but detrimental; I'm afraid I'm not the glamorous, attractive woman the media wants to see in the public eye; I'm afraid I'll run out of ideas; etc. etc. etc.

+ Have you ever argued for your limitations? Pg. 18, she writes of the saying: "Argue for your limitations and you get to keep them."

+ I LOVED how she wrote how fear is so boring, because it is always the same. Ugh. Fear is so stupid!!! In your head or aloud, say "STOP, STOP, STOP, STOP!" right now to any doubt or fear creeping up. If you're wondering why, refer to the aforementioned sentence or bullet point.

+ What could you think bigger about? Your future, your career, your romances, your passions?

Here are some of mine: My career is going places I couldn't even have imagined, so I need to stop dreaming small; my future is going to happen whether I'm ready or not, so I need to stop worrying about if it's going to face plant -- it's already kicking up; I'm worthy of the romance of a lifetime, so why the f*** do I keep telling myself not yet, not necessary, not worthy. Doubts are silly, and I'm done with them. What are you done with?


+ How do you deal with the dreaded "they stole my idea"? Do you recognize how awesome it is that it's living its purpose or do you close off and hate the person? Have you ever had that happen? What could you do differently now on forward?

+ What has the world said "no" to that really ticked you off, but later you realized it was meant to be, because something freaking amazing was hurtling towards you at the same time?

+ Have you been waiting for a permission slip? You don't need one, but if you're worried you do, as Elizabeth Gilbert writes, "THERE, I just gave it to you" (p. 90).

+ Right here, right now, declare your intent. Who are you?

I am a dreamer, a romantic, a writer, a yoga instructor, a guide, a health coach. I am all of this and even more.

+ What have you been complaining too much about?

Here are some of mine: I don't have a significant other; I'm not earning enough money; It's just not working. LAME. I'm only bringing more of that in my direction, so let's cut that out, K? K. 

Any other ideas?

That's all of the questions I have to spark conversation for now... Hop down to the comments and give it a whirl -- no thought too big, small, unwanted (within reason), or otherwise!

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