Choosing to Love.


On Sunday ...

someone wrote on my Facebook that my believing of love & tolerance as the correct answer to war was equivalent to 'hugging a terrorist'. I must politely respond with no, that is not right.

In my anger, I thought of a million scathing retorts to fire back. Then I realized doing that sure as heck wouldn't solve any problems nor would it make me feel any better. I deleted the comment and posted the picture above with the following comment instead::

I will never stop praying for peace. I will never stop believing that violence is not the answer. I will not give into fear. When we lessen ourselves to hatred, we are but mere shadows in this world. Only in light may we find freedom. Only in love.

You have two choices when your beliefs are opposed. You can simmer in your rage, carefully selecting words meant to tear another person down, or you can channel your emotion into something that empowers, something that is positive, something that makes people think. Only in light may we find freedom. Only in love.

Love and all is coming. Xx.

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