Foods I Take to Wake: Second Edition

Lemons, Apples, & Coconut Oil

Welcome back to Foods I Take to Wake! I’ve (Emily, here!) received a lot of questions around how I eat on campus and survive my days of being a gluten-free vegan without dying of lack of protein (doesn’t happen, folks) or only eating cardboard-flavored foods. I promise it’s not impossible. The food I eat is tasty, delicious, and absolutely INCREDIBLE. I love food, and I love sharing my passions with you. Every other week, I’ll be dishing out three of my go-to foods for everyday life, especially when I’m away at school. Let’s get to it!


It’s no surprise I love a little lemon action – see My Favorite Tonic. They are packed with vitamins C, B6, A, E, folate, copper, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, and protein. Protein you say? You got it! With antioxidants, lemon becomes a powerful immune system booster, anti-cancerous, and anti-inflammatory food. Lemon is a powerful astringent – yay clear skin! I like to take lemons on my trips for their digestion-boosting properties. See? Lemon is no foe of mine.



An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? Full of fiber – say hello to a happy tummy, sweetness – satisfies that late night sugar craving, and packing a punch with Vitamin C – 14% of DV (!), they are too good to be true. They support healthy weight loss, heart health, and provide sustaining energy for your workout, late night study sesh, or extra hours at the office. I’ve been eating an apple almost every day in one way or another. I love them baked in pies, pureed into apple sauce, or sliced and nibbled on. As a health coach, my favorite snack idea to suggest is apples with almond butter. If you want even more bang for your snack buck, stir some almond milk into your almond butter for a creamier, more dipable, and larger portion option. 



Coconut oil. Can I let you in on a secret? It’s amazing. It’s more than just a food. In fact, I probably use it more outside of the foodie world than in it. Here are some of the many ways I use coconut oil: deep conditioner for my hair, oil pulling, makeup remover, moisturizer, and that’s not even in my food. In food (just two examples here), I love it on top of my sweet potatoes like butter or  stirred with cocoa powder and honey for a quick homemade chocolate (variation of recipe here). Coconut oil gives you lasting energy, kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, and staves off infections, stabilizes your hunger levels, improves blood cholesterol while lowering your risk of heart disease, and also functions as a low SPF sunscreen. Hachacha! Basically if you like the bennies, add coconut oil into anything you can!

+ what are your favorite foods that you couldn’t live without? share below or on facebook!

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