Gift Guide :: 21st Birthday


Happiness is about the unseen things, the moments that take your breath away, laughter at the end of a long day, puppy kisses, hugs with an extra squeeze, love. That's what it's all about. As long as my birthday has at least one of the intangible, it'll be a great one. But the next few items wouldn't hurt either ...

Today, I've put together 21 items that you'll find on my birthday list! I'm super excited to share with you my faves. Note :: I've used affiliate links throughout this post. Thanks for supporting The Great Vibes Guide & me! Xx.

Part I ::

1. water bottle (1/2/3)

2. coloring book 

3. macbook cover/skin (1/2/3)

4. portable speakers (1/2/3)

5. dslr camera

6. iPhone case (1/2/3)

7. carry-on weekend bag (1/2/3)

Part II ::

1. j.crew pixie pants

2. donation

3. lipstick (1/2/3)

4. grown-up pajamas (1/2/3)

5. the mira heel

6. love your melon beanie

7. books (1/2/3)

Part III ::


1. stemless wineglasses (1/2/3)

2. tasteful shot glasses (1/2/3)

3. ice cube tray (1/2/3)

4. cork screw (1/2/3)

5. bar tool set (1/2/3)

6. bottle opener (1/2/3)

7. cocktail recipe book (1/2/3)

+Now, real talk here ... how much do you love gift guides?

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