Say Yes to Summer Temps and Rosé Shaved Ice

With temps in the 80s this week, make your rosé frozé and wear clothes that don't cling. 

This post originally ran July 8, 2016. Too good not to share all over again.

You can pretty much guarantee my day winds down with a cocktail or a glass of wine; it's a nod to my late grandfather but also a call to a time where cocktails were curated and had in good company. Lately due to the heat, I've been adding ice to my drinks (don't toss me to the wolves just yet) to keep me cool. Inspired by the refreshing chill, I wanted to take it a step further by turning it into a shaved ice dessert.

While any wine would work, I love the summery touch rosé brings to the mix, and who doesn't love this pale pink color? I swear it's as simple as toss, blend, and freeze. Would you expect anything else when it comes to The Great Vibes Guide? I hope you enjoy (and make it every night to satisfy your cool cravings and cocktail affairs). Cheers! Xx. 

Rosé Shaved Ice


+ Your favorite Rosé, I chose Espiral from Trader Joes*
+ Ice, 2-4 cups*
+ Mint leaves (optional)


1. Add all of the ingredients to a blender and blend on high*. 
2. Pour contents into a baking pan (or loaf pan like I did) and freeze 12 hours or overnight.
3. Pull from the freezer, and taking a fork, drag across the top to shave the ice.
4. Spoon into bowls or stemless wine glasses.
5. Serve, eat, & enjoy!


* I used about 1-2 cups of wine and then filled my blender to the top with ice. Play around with the measurements until it works for you. It has a very fruity, light on the alcohol, icy taste and is not at all overwhelmingly wine tasting. Please note that everyone's preferences are different when it comes to alcohol. If you find this is too weak or strong, adjust accordingly. If you feel like you messed up completely, pop it back into a blender, add more ice or wine, and then try it again. Don't cry over spilled cocktail is all I'm saying ;).

+ What's your favorite way to drink Rosé?

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Cheers to Great Vibes cocktail twists! Xx.

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Fourth of July Berry Dessert

What is 4th of July without a red, white, and blue treat?

This was originally posted last July 4th; we figure it's worth a repost. This weekend, we hope you celebrate America's birthday to the fullest. Go all out on parades, red, white, and blue, and yummy treats. Attending a party this weekend? Make this cheerful dessert. It definitely won't disappoint. 

This summer, especially for The Fourth, I wanted to create a tasty treat that satisfied my sweet tooth but didn't sit too heavy on my stomach. With that in mind, I snagged some fresh berries from the market, whipped up some coconut whipped cream, and layered them all together for a festive dessert. It's simple, I pulled it together in under 30 minutes, and it's absolutely delicious.

Pro tip: layer it in a clear glass to see the vibrant colors and top with a sprig of mint and some lemon zest.

Fourth of July Berry Dessert

Ingredients ::

+ blueberries
+ strawberries
+ 1 can of coconut milk (full fat)
+ 1 tsp cinnamon
+ 1 tsp vanilla extract
+ 1/4 lemon, juice
+ 1/4 - 1/2 cups coconut sugar (amount to taste)

Recipe ::

1. Place your can of coconut milk in the refrigerator and let sit 12 hours to overnight. This step separates the liquid and coconut meat. 

2. Remove your can from the fridge, flip it over, open it up, and scrape out the coconut meat into your mixing bowl. Set aside the liquid to be used in another recipe. 

3. Add the cinnamon, vanilla extract, lemon juice, and coconut sugar to the coconut in your mixing bowl. 

4. Whip until soft peaks are created. Place bowl in the refrigerator for 20 minutes to solidify more. 

5. When you're ready to plate, add a little bit of whipped cream to the bottom of your glass, top with a layer of blueberries, more whipped cream, a layer of strawberries, repeating until you get to the top.
6. Serve and enjoy! Makes at least four. 

+ What's your favorite festive dessert?

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Yes Way Rosé Shaved Ice

Yes Way Rosé Shaved Ice

You can pretty much figure on my day winding down with a cocktail or a glass of wine; it's a nod to my late grandfather but also a call to a time where cocktails were curated and had in good company. Lately due to the heat, I've been adding ice to my drinks (don't toss me to the wolves just yet) to keep me cool. Inspired by the refreshing chill, I wanted to take it a step further by turning it into a shaved ice dessert...

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Apple Tart (v, gf) & Fearing Your Power

During December's gathering, the table was decorated with flowers, champagne, and three delicious treats. Whipped coconut cream sat beside a beautiful and warm apple tart next to a dish of the tastiest chocolate chip oatmeal cookies ever. Today, I'm (Emily, here!) dishing out an oh-so-easy dessert recipe you need to make asap. Seriously. I'm thinking this is the perfect recipe to say I love you this V-Day. You know, if you're into that kind of thing.

But before we get started, I wanted to talk about getting back into the groove. I've been going through a pretty rough time, and even though TGVG has maintained it's beauty and love, my heart has not. It's been having a hard time processing, accepting, moving forward, letting go, getting over crushes, finding new ones, being sick of rejection, being excited by possibility. It's been overwhelmed. I'm overwhelmed. Not in the usual work or school kind of way, just by my power.

Does that make sense? Do you ever get overwhelmed by the concept of how you have the power to shape your emotions, to control the outcome, to work with all you have and make it more or less? Because you actually have that power. Every time you sit in your pity party, you have the power to turn it off and make it a dance party. When you are angry, you have the power to shape that anger into productivity and progress. When you are sad, you have the power to turn that sadness around to a form of hope.

This realization is overwhelming for me, because some days I don't want to know of this power. Lately, nothing felt right, and I knew I had the power to change it around, to fix what I could, let go of what I couldn't, find inspiration in something new, but I just didn't want to at all.

So I didn't.

I wallowed and cried and left it all to February. Well February is here, and even though I don't really want to, I'm dealing with my s*** and pulling myself together. Here are small steps I'm taking to feeling better about myself and my life (taken straight, unedited from my journal)::

1. Floss, because I gotta

2. No more TV/Netflix/Videos on school nights (except movie nights with M, or if I have to watch something for film class). Instead I will read or paint or do my hair or yoga or just breathe.

3. Wake up and be up at 8 am everyday - weekends between 9:30 and 10:30

4. Kind bedtime routine with pj's & mindfulness.

5. Cleanse & detox once this month (over a weekend)
TGVG note::
detoxes are not for everyone, but Emily likes them a lot and has experienced tremendous positives from them, so she does them!

These might seem too small or too large for you, but they are perfect for me, and I encourage you to find several small steps to turn your life back to the one you want. Because you have the power to do so right now. If you're waiting for permission from someone to take control of your life, this is your permission -- go for it! If you need help, reach out and ask for some!

Now let's change your life with some TART!!! OHMYGOD Yes.

This recipe brings all of the Great Vibes because it's ...

super easy to assemble and make
rich yet light (promise)
superfoods to the max

Apple Tart (v, gf)
Ingredients ::

Crust -

+ 2 cups oat flour (whole oats ground in coffee grinder or blender)
+ 1.5 cups almond flour
+ 1/2 tsp sea salt
+ 1/2 cup coconut oil
+ 1/2 cup maple syrup

Filling -

+ 4 apples
+ 2 tbsp lemon juice
+ 2 tbsp maple syrup
+ 3 tbsp sliced almonds


+ 1 tbsp Maple syrup
+ 1 tbsp Lemon juice
+ 1 tbsp Water

Recipe ::

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees

2. In a bowl combine oat flour, almond flour & salt.

3. Heat coconut oil and maple syrup, stirring to combine.

4. Add coconut oil & maple syrup to flour and stir until combined. Try not to over stir -- if you do, it can make dough more tough and chewy.

5. Spread dough in an oiled tart pan, press down, & fill sides to form a crust. If you don't have a tart pan, just use a pie plate!

6. Pierce crust with a fork several times and bake for 15 minutes.

7. Remove from oven and flatten crust with a fork -- push it back down until it resembles a flat crust again and not a Dutch Pancake!

8. Peel and evenly, thinly slice 4 apples. Once crust is out, place apples in the design of your choice - or just throw 'em in - inside the tart.

9. Combine maple syrup and lemon juice and brush over the apples.

10. Sprinkle almonds on top and bake for 1 hour or so until the apples are soft and slightly browned.

11. Combine all the ingredients for the glaze, plus or minus any ingredients to taste.

12. Brush tart with glaze.

9. Devour & enjoy! Best served warm with whipped cream or ice cream - gramps' & my fave.


All ingredients are vegan and most are organic.  If these things are important to you, I encourage you to do the same. Finances, availability, and personal consumer choice can impact purchase decisions. My hope is that you closely follow the recipe, but make allowances where necessary -- my feelings won't be hurt, and your taste buds will still have a party. Promise!

+ What's your favorite pie or tart recipe?

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